Bathroom Remodeling Project Continued

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Now that we have everything tore out and cleaned up, its time to get started putting your dream bathroom back together.  At this point,  you have selected your fixtures, tile or vinyl, faucets, lighting and they are already here.
Items that we would assist you with which is a part of our service;

  • Toilet
  • Tub or tub/shower
  • Tub or tub/shower faucet
  • Vanity and top
  • Lavatory faucet
  • Floor covering (vinyl products, tile, hardwood…)
  • Floor tile and pattern, shower tile and pattern and grout colors
  • Paint colors

The plumber has all supply lines and drains in place and has passed rough inspection. The electrician has all wires pulled, holes are fire caulked, light fixtures installed, fans installed and vented and has passed rough inspection. After all trades have their rough inspections made and passed and prior to insulation, I usually take pictures of the open ceiling and walls for future reference for the owner. Now we start insulating exterior walls if they were not originally insulated to your climate zone and add insulation for sound proofing if you want it on interior walls.

Drywall is now installed in a bed of drywall adhesive and screwed to the ceiling joist and wall stud, taped, finished and sanded with a vacuumed sander that collects nearly all drywall dust. Trim is installed to match what you have. Now that the dust has settled the painting can be completed. We install screws through the floor to help prevent squeaks and then proceed to install the floor covering. At this point I usually start a punch list and begin checking everything out closely. All through the process, we keep you informed and like for you to walk through the project with us daily. As soon as the entire bath is completed, each trade has their final inspection completed, I make another walk through to make sure we didn’t miss anything and you are ready to move in.

If you have any questions about the process discussed here, please give us a call or respond to this blog. I will be starting another blog soon titled Ask a Remodeler where you can ask questions about any type of remodeling, room additions, building or repairs to your home or business.

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