I want to add on, remodel, renovate my home, can you help me decide what to do?

Yes we can help. We bring over 35 years of experience in room additions, remodeling, renovating, water and fire restoration. Conrad & Conrad Inc. also specializes in projects that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act standards (ADA compliant) and are suitable for aging in place, homes for returning Veterans and general building. We are happy to make the suggestions and share them with you on our initial visit. We even offer our customers Design Services.

Is a room addition a good investment?

There are a few things to consider. Do you like your neighbors, the location and comfort of your house? If you answer yes to any or all of these things, it’s probably a good idea to consider an addition.

Will this addition increase the value of my home? Is it a good investment?

Beautifying your home and keeping it in good shape is always a good investment. Over time, you may recoup the money spent. If you plan to stay in your home for two to five years, and it will make you more comfortable then yes, it’s a good investment. If you are planning to sell your property in less time, it may be a better investment to just give it a face lift with new paint.

Do you build new homes?

Yes, we will build new custom homes with the same high quality and attention that our customers expect from our home remodels, renovations and additions. A custom home is designed for the individual, we can work with you to plan and build the home of your dreams.

Will I need a Building Permit?

In North Carolina, a building permit is required for deck construction or repair, of if structural work is included. Building permits are also required if the job cost is over $15k.

What are your payment arrangements?

We normally require a pre-construction payment to cover the costs associated with the building permit, initial materials to start the project plus any materials that have to be pre-ordered (to ensure your project stays on schedule) and the initial labor to get the project started.

A detailed payment schedule included in our contracts that clearly states the balance due once work is completed, approved and you receive the final Invoice.
We accept (and prefer) payment by check. We will accept credit card payments, but must add a charge to offset the additional cost accepting a payment made by credit card.

Do you provide a work schedule? Who will be in our home?

We like for you to be informed through the entire process, so before work begins we find the best way to communicate and keep you well informed (email, text, calls) through the entire process. We make develop a weekly and daily projected schedule and adjust it as needed.

Jack will be involved in your project everyday but may not always be on site. Our team is experienced, with most employees working for us for over 10 years. We background check our team (and the companies we work with) thoroughly and you can trust our onsite staff.

Will you take care of my property and keep it clean?

When you entrust us with your key and access to your home we are diligent in it and your possessions security.
As with any and all construction there will be dust and debris, we make every effort possible to contain the dust and debris and keep your home safe. We clean at the end of each day and usually place the debris in our on-site dump truck or haul it away immediately.

What if I want to change something or add something not originally contracted?

Unless they are major changes, most times they can be taken care of within the original scope of work. We sometimes will place tape on the floors, or make cardboard templates so you can walk through the project and have a good idea of what things will look like when things are done.

If the changes are more involved, an estimate and Change Order will be generated and once approved by both parties, we will begin work.

At times there is unforeseen damage that is discovered once tear out is complete and often a Change Order has to be written and agreed upon to repair. We will not hide or cover over any questionable rot, mold or other imperfections that may cause you problems later.

I’m ready to remodel my home. How do we get started?

Fill out the form submission on the contact us page or give Angie a call at (336) 462-4192 to set up an appointment.

During our initial visit, we’ll discuss your ideas, make sketches and take measurements and a few photos. He will answers any questions and discuss alternatives. Based on this first visit we’ll develop an estimate and a detailed Proposal. We’ll set another meeting where Jack will review the proposal with you and make adjustments if necessary. Once we agree that we’re ready to start working, Jack will assist you in selecting materials, fixtures, colors and we’ll schedule a date to start on your project.

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